Blitzind live at Melt’s Tavern

  • February 2, 2018 at 7:00 pm
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Free Entry

Live music returns to Melt’s Tavern on Friday the 2nd of February starting at 7pm.
Come join us for a rock-filled night with Blitzind at Melt’s Tavern!!!

The brain behind the idea, blitzind, is Fritz Blitz, a bass player who has a passion for music.

In 2004 Fritz Blitz, started SwartSkaap with Ryan Paul Delport and André Duister (Pretoria) which opened the door to play at many festivals such as OppiKoppi More Than Somewhat Easter Festival, Aardklop (2006&2007), Blue Moon (Nelspruit) and tours with artistes like Valiant Swart and Bacchus Nel.

From 2007, Fritz Blitz performed as a session bassest for groups such as Tempted 2 Turn, Krisna, Laconia, Duskantombliksim, D-sublime, Howlin Shibanski Blues Band and toured as a member of Brixton Moord en Roof Orkes.

Blitzind started in January 2010 and is active in the studio. Already bringing about music to Strab Festival, in Mozambique and Nelspruit’s Blue Moon. Blitzind is an idea of music…. Fritz Blitz performs solo along with an acoustic guitar, for more intimate venues, nevertheless the beat of the drum is always welcomed with enormous fancy!
In 2014 blitZind is back in the mother city for good, with his debut at the Barleycorn.

Fritz and Colin met at an impromptu jam in September 2016 and immediately felt the energy surge. They jived and jolled to each others love for the rocky blues and yearned to get something off the ground.

In answer to their call, the music spirits sent them Harry who popped out at another jam in April 2017. He brought the beat.

Fritz(Blitz..) on bass guitar writes some groovy songs and his speciality is the Afrikaans medium. Colin on rhythm and lead guitar prefers a more funky twist and also pens one or two upbeat tunes. (Hot…)Harry provides all the percussion in his unique African off beat style.

Now they jam to some rocky originals with a funky-bluesy twist to boot.

Together they bring good music and great energy!